Of customers think that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant.
7 out of 10 customers will leave a review if asked to do so.
Automate a CONSTANT FLOW of reviews to your business.

Monitoring Your Reputation Is Absolutely KEY

You rock! You get lots of reviews and they are saying good things! You can’t afford to constantly monitor the entire Internet and you certainly can’t afford to miss a review! One missed rogue review can ruin all your hard work! Let us automagically deliver all your reviews, wherever your customers leave them. so you can address any negative review(s) and share the positive reviews in a timely manner. This service is an insurance policy to protect against malicious or unhappy customers.
Using the latest technology, our software closely monitors the online landscape. Helping you to see what online consumers are saying about you or your business (brand). In the event the software pulls sentiments that do not reflect the positive brand image you are after, you quickly can get a handle on the situation. Putting the entire reputation management process on 100% autopilot!

The 3 Step Formula To Getting More Customers

How It Works

Customers will receive a one question survey that they will respond to detailing their experience with your company.
If they respond with a positive review, customers are immediately directed to an online review site of your choice to post their positive review publically!
Our state-of-the-art feedback funnel will catch any review that is potentially negative and reroute it directly to you. This funnel eliminates the opportunity for negative reviews about your business to be posted online.
It also allows the dissatisfied customer with the opportunity to provide you with additional feedback about their experience in a secure setting while simultaneously allowing you to privately resolve the situation in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Manage Your Reputation

Your excellent reviews can really boost your online reputation and make customers trust you, but one bad review can spoil all of that success. Because of this, we make sure we are constantly monitoring all of the reviews you receive and alert you, positive or negative.

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