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Powering Local Business to Mobile Success

It’s true that people carry their mobile phone with them everywhere they go, including the bathroom. with text marketing you have the ability to get the word out to your potential customers right away!

This Really Helps To INCREASE Business During Slow Times!

For an example, if you own a local coffee shop. Chances are your business spikes in the morning, but in the afternoon you’re likely to have some “down time” were not many customers come in. Well, we will send out a text message to all the people who signed up for updates saying something along the lines of “25% off for the next 2 hours. Show us this text to receive your discount!”

Or say you own a carpet cleaning company, whenever you have a slow day be can send out a text message letting people know you’re having a 24hr special. This is an extremely powerful service. It’s like having customers on-demand. Anytime you want a spike in customers all you have to do is have us send out a text message on your behalf.

This is an extremely powerful service. It’s like having customers on-demand. Anytime you want a spike in customers all you have to do is have us send out a text message on your behalf.

How It Works

1. Choose your own custom keyword* and promote it to your customers.
2. Customers subscribe to your campaign by texting the keyword to 31996.
3. Customers receive mobile offers.
4. Customers redeem mobile offers.
*Custom keyword can be as short as two letters and are subject to availability*

How Can Text Message Marketing Help Your Organization?

SMS Marketing for Retail

SMS marketing works wonders for retail stores.
Promotions only work as well as the marketing and advertising behind them. Vivid i allows you to quickly and easily spread the word to your best customers with a simple text message.
People respond much quicker to SMS than any other form of communication. Attach picture to any outgoing text campaign and see an even greater response!

Text Message Marketing For Restaurants

Wouldn’t it be great if you could let your best customers know about an unadvertised dinner deal, special, or last minute dinner reservation opening?

Furthermore, what if you could include a picture of something tasty to wet their whistles? Well you can! With Vivid i, you can easily send text marketing & multimedia marketing messages to your patrons with the click of a button.

Mass Texting For Schools

With people as busy as they are today, keeping parents in the loop on events, date changes, and cancellations is hard work!

They don’t regularly check their email, phone broadcast systems are intrusive, not as quick and rather expensive. Mass text messaging is the new alternative! Vivid i makes communicating to hundreds or thousands of student’s parents a snap!

Mass Text Messaging For Churches & Ministries

Text messaging for churches & ministries enhances communication to the congregation like never before.

You can send inspirational messages, prayer chain requests, event reminders, donation requests, pictures, cancellation notifications and more!


Fire out mobile coupons, drive qualified traffic, grow your mailing list, and so much more.

Real Estate

Boost inbound lead counts with text messaging. Set up text for info. campaigns, and watch as property inquires soar.


Enhance relationships with clientele, confirm appointments, and promote service discounts with text marketing.

Night Clubs

Boost attendance and promote nightly specials by instantly putting your messages in the hands of your patrons.


Keep donors, volunteers and community supporters abreast of fundraising goals and initiatives.

Fitness Centers

Keep in regular contact with your loyal gym members, and send out special offers tailored to their monthly activity.


Ditch the punch cards and let text marketing act as a modern day loyalty and reward program for your cafe.

Pizza Shops

Increase foot traffic at your pizza shop with exclusive, limited time text message offers.

Food Trucks

Text marketing and food trucks are a match made in modern day business heaven. Send out location info.